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This is the most amazing coffee I have tasted! WOW!!

Barb Smith
Lake City, FL

Dahlonega, GA

Great people. Service is top notch. Hands down the best coffee around.

Anthony Sullens
Dahlonega, GA

I absolutely love BW BlackSmith and all their fabulous employees! They always greet you with a smile and hands down the best coffee I’ve ever had! They make my day better every single day!

Rae Jones
Fort White, FL

Oh Boy I love the Horse Shoe. Also the Hazel nut is very good. Very Fresh Coffee you can smell it when you open bag.

Ed Melcher
Billings, MT

Best coffee I’ve had in a LONG time.

Cameron Casto
Lake City, FL

Passing through the area on our trip, we decided to go a little further off the interstate for THE BEST COFFEE and we were not disappointed!

Christy Faber Walters
Sarasota, FL